Contributing to Vancouver Island’s Renewable Energy Supply

canoe-creek-logo-2Canoe Creek Hydro is a run-of-the-river hydropower project that generates clean, canoe-creek-videorenewable energy. On average, our 6.0 megawatt hydropower plant will produce enough electricity to supply the annual needs of almost 2000 homes. All of the electricity we generate is sold under a long term contract to BC Hydro and is used here on Vancouver Island. The Canoe Creek Hydro facility is locally owned and operated, and contributes to a sustainable supply of renewable energy for Island communities.

Canoe Creek Hydro is a low impact generation facility that produces clean renewable energy. The Canoe Creek Hydro facility has achieved environmental certification under the EcoLogo Program.

The hydropower plant diverts stream flow into a penstock (pipe) at a high elevation intake (see photo page). Not all of the stream flow is diverted, as environmental requirements specify the amount of flow that must be allowed to bypass the intake and remain in the stream.

Water entering the intake flows into a 36” diameter pipe called a penstock, and runs downhill to the powerhouse. The water pressure created by the 474 m difference in elevation between the intake and the powerhouse is used to propel the Pelton turbine and generate electricity. After passing through the powerhouse the water is returned to Canoe Creek and the quality of the water is in no way diminished. The run-of-the-river plant uses water as it is available in the stream, and a base flow always bypasses the intake to keep the stream wetted. There is no water storage dam, nor are there fish present in the diversion reach of the stream.

Canoe Creek Hydro is majority owned by the Tla-o-qui-aht First Nations of Tofino, with minority partner Swiftwater Power Corp. of Nanaimo. Canoe Creek is situated in the Tla-o-qui-aht First Nations’ traditional territory, in the heart of the Nation’s Tribal Parkland. Renewable energy, along with sustainable forestry, ecotourism and fisheries is part of the Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation’s vision of sustainable resource management within the Tribal Parkland.

Canoe Creek Hydro is managed by Barkley Project Group Ltd. of Nanaimo. Please use the contact form if you wish to submit questions or comments, or call 250-390-2627.

We wish to acknowledge that this renewable energy facility was made possible through the support and partnerships of the organizations listed to the right.